Making Kells Accessible

The “Making Kells Accessible” programme is officially underway.  The service users of both Farrell Street and Climber Hall have begun working together to highlight accessibility issues that exists in their local town of Kells.  Accessibility issues are commonly linked with physical barriers such as access into buildings, but accessibility issues can also mean barriers existing that dictates the general public’s perceptions on people with disabilities.  In many cases, these perceptions are towards limitations and inability, rather than ability.

The Accessibility Programme will look at highlighting physical barriers to elected representative Councillors and Meath County council officials that prevent or inhibit our daily access in Kells.  The programme will look at how local businesses can become more accessible both physically but also in the way they deliver their own service.  Overall, we hope our general engagement within the community will change public mind-sets and portray more accurate perceptions regarding people with disabilities.  This being, we are the same as everyone else.

Earlier this year the service users in Farrell Street took to the street to conduct street interviews with locals passing by.  This initiative was called “Breaking barriers through the art of media” and was a course funded by LMETB, facilitated by course tutor Shay Casserley.   20 people were asked the same two questions, questions that were put to them on the spot without time to prepare.

What transpired from this recording is best described as powerful, inspiring, chilling and thought provoking. On Tuesday 4th September, the video was launched locally to those who were involved in its creation.  The most amazing response erupted on this historical night. Watch the 20 People 2 Questions video in full below/