Aiden Gilsenan wins Postgraduate Research Prize

Congratulations to Aidan Gilsenan on winning Meath Archaeological and Historical Society’s Postgraduate Research Prize. Aidan has a Masters degree in Irish History from Maynooth University and is currently disseminating the history of Prosper Meath as part of the celebration of our 40th Anniversary this year. As you may have heard, we are planning to commemorate our history from 1982 to the present. We began as a campaign to build Meath Sheltered Workshop and have remained at the heart of the community since. A wide range of groups have helped to support the work of the organisation over the years such as the GAA, IFA, Arch Club, Navan Lions Club and Navan Rotary Club. Thousands of people have in some way been involved with the organisation, whether as volunteers, donors or as service users and their friends and families.
If anyone would like to share stories or photos to help us mark the occasion please contact Aidan Gilsenan by email at or by phone at 087 609 3929.